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To remove a first name, a sign, tribal motifs, Roman numerals, or because time has finally degraded colours and design, more and more people are looking for a solution to completely remove a tattoo.

And for a long time the technique used to remove a tattoo was as painful as it was expensive.

Removal of eye make-up

Eyelashes or eyebrows, our center can remove

your permanent makeup!

Removal of lip make-up

We restore your lips, their shape and shape

their natural color!

Removal of tattoo on the body

We can remove any pattern thanks

to the Skinial method.


Tattoo removal in Paris

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The Cils Expert Studio Tattoo Removal Team


What is a tattoo removal centre?

The tattoo removal operation often consisted of excision and surgical removal, or dermabrasion of the epidermis, which leaves scars and the result is often unsightly.

Nowadays we can also use a laser, either to burn tissues, or Picosure lasers, which will send ultra-short pulses of about ten picoseconds to fragment pigment molecules under the skin, the macrophage cells will then digest them, which exposes them to less risk of skin complications.

Finally, there are now new non-medical procedures for removing tattoos and permanent makeup by introducing lactic acid into the area to be treated.

This substance naturally present in the body will target the ink particles and activate a natural rejection process in the patient’s body.

This cosmetic treatment can be performed in a tattoo removal centre, a beauty salon or institute, by a tattoo artist or a specialized beautician, it is very effective, fast, painless and much more economical.

Where can I find a tattoo removal center?

Medical and surgical interventions may only be carried out in hospitals, clinics and polyclinics, beauty and laser centers in major urban areas, such as Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, etc., or in the office of a doctor or dermatologist.

Since laser-free cosmetic tattooing is not subject to medical prescription, tattoo removal centers can be found in most cities, and also beauticians or cosmeticians specially trained in these new techniques, even in small municipalities.

The number of sessions will vary depending on the type of tattoo, size, depth, inks and colors, and a pre-therapeutic consultation will inform you about the best care for your personal case.

How to open a tattoo removal center?

Tattoo removal training is accessible to professionals already in activity, especially tattoo artists and beauticians practising permanent make-up, as well as to all persons who wish to be trained in tattoo removal and depigmentation methods.

It issues a certificate of achievement for the practice of tattooing and aesthetic depigmentation, and allows you to open your own tattoo removal studio.

This course provides technical and theoretical knowledge on: preparatory protocols, contraindications, equipment and workstation, compliance with procedures and hygiene rules, post-treatment recommendations and monitoring, management and implementation of activity promotion.

Cils Expert® offers courses throughout the year, in Paris and the provinces, over a short period of two days, that provide all the necessary skills to relax eyebrows, eyeliner or lips, and to permanently erase tattoos on the body.

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