Permanent make-up removal

Whatever your reason, removing your permanent makeup is your right! However, to do so, trust the professionals.

Experienced practitioners

CILS EXPERT STUDIO is a reference in terms of tattoo removal center. The institute offers treatment sessions, which will remove tattoo pigments embedded in your skin, while protecting it from any side effects, or other irreversible sequelae (scars, skin problems, etc.).

With its modern method and proven effectiveness, called “Skinial method”, CILS EXPERT STUDIO is committed to gently solving your permanent make-up problems.

How does the permanent makeup tattoo removal work?

The Skinial laser-free tattoo removal method is a completely innovative method, which will require the use of a specific product called Skinial. This product effectively removes permanent make-up from your skin without aggressing it. If we go into more detail, this technique cannot be practiced by anyone. Indeed, it requires a great deal of mastery and know-how that only trained people are able to achieve.
Therefore, the lactic acid tattoo removal will be applied to the area to be treated using a dermopigmentation dermograph. Of course, this procedure is not pleasant, but it doesn’t hurt as much as putting a tattoo, and fortunately!

Unlike the laser method, here the process is based on injecting the liquid product directly into the skin, which will automatically reject the pigments from your skin.

How does it work?
Generally, like the surface of the skin covered by the tattoo when it comes to permanent makeup, the duration and number of tattoo removal sessions should be quite fast.

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permanent makeup?

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The tattoo removal offers at the CILS EXPERT STUDIO centre are aimed at all women who wish to:
– Recover their natural skin after having taken full advantage of her permanent make-up,
– Correct a failed permanent makeup,
– Remove permanent eyebrow makeup permanently.

How many sessions for a permanent make-up tattoo removal?

Generally, like the surface of the skin covered by the tattoo when it comes to permanent makeup, the duration and number of sessions of thislaser-free tattoo removal method should be quite minimal.

The advantages of Skinial

  • Less expensive: unlike laser sessions, the Skinial method will not require a large investment on your part (fewer sessions).


  • Pollutant-free: after your treatment, the Skinial product leaves no chemical pollutants in your body.
  • Painless tattooing: unlike other methods, Skinial is almost painless, but just as effective.
  • A quick result: From the first session, you will be able to appreciate a result. Sometimes this single pass is enough to completely remove the tattoo from your permanently painted area.

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Cils Expert Studio has been specialized since 2001 in make-up and dermopigmentation as well as depigmentation and tattoo removal of permanent make-up.

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