Laser-free tattoo removal method

Looking for a softer way to remove your tattoo? Forget the laser, because today, a revolutionary technique has emerged: the Skinial method. More natural, less painful, this new technique has already proven its effectiveness with many women.

The advantages of laser-free tattooing

No chemical and toxic mixing

Skinial is a patented product, and totally natural. This product is used by CILS EXPERT STUDIO, your reference in laser-free tattoo removal. The product is composed of lactic acid in low doses, which will help the skin to naturally remove tattoo pigments embedded in their skin. It is indeed a cosmetic product, but should only be used by trained and experienced people. From this non-chemical and natural perspective, the manufacturers of this revolutionary solution have opted for a product that will not leave any toxic and harmful elements on the treated area once the tattoo removal sessions are over.

A risk-free intervention

Unlike lasers, a skin tattoo removal session with a professional is a guarantee of a tangible result from the first application. Each intervention is personalized according to the request and requirements of each individual. At the end of the treatment, your permanent make-up or tattoo will be a thing of the past. Skinial leaves no marks, scars, and no side effects on the skin or health. In addition, it is the only patented technique that meets the highest safety standards for permanent make-up tattoo removal.

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Laser-free tattoo removal in 3 steps

The skinial method is carried out in 3 very simple steps.

Step 1: Depilation and disinfection

This first step is to prepare your skin. To be able to receive the treatment, your skin must be completely depilated and disinfected

Step 2: Tattoo removal without laser

It is during this stage that the Skinial product for lactic acid tattoo removal will be used. First, using a micropigmentation device, your beautician will scratch your skin before applying the product. Once the product is applied, he/she will massage the detangling liquid onto your skin. The product will act on its own and enter your dermis. It is in this area that Skinial will work to extract all tattoo pigments. Once the session is over, your skin will be weakened and red as after the tattoo, but this effect will only be temporary, because in a few days, it will return to its normal state.

Step 3: Follow-up and healing

After each laser-free tattoo removal session, you will need to take care of your skin. You must follow the instructions for a quick recovery to the letter. And if other sessions are to be scheduled, do not schedule them before 8 to 10 weeks, the time to let your skin fully recover from the last laser-free treatment.

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