Lactic acid tattoo removal

For various reasons, did you want to get rid of your tattoo(s)? There is no need to inflict the laser on you, because techniques have advanced well, today it is quite possible to perform a laser-free tattoo removal with lactic acid. Did we get your attention? We tell you even more in our article.

Why use lactic acid to remove a tattoo?

Already recognized by many people for these virtues on the skin, lactic acid is a postbiotic that has only positive effects on the skin. All skin types can use lactic acid, as it will work naturally to preserve good bacteria and destroy bad ones. It also has an exfoliating property and effectively stimulates cells to renew themselves. This product is often visible in the components of our usual cosmetic products (make-up remover), as it smoothes the skin and soothes redness. It is therefore not new that lactic acid is a real solution to take care of our skin.

Lactic acid for laser-free tattoo removal

If the laser eliminates tattoos thanks to its intense light that will break down the pigments into small particles that the body will absorb and eliminate over time, laser-free tattooing with lactic acid works quite differently. The product is applied to the skin, and goes all the way to the deep part of the dermis to gradually expel the inlaid tattoo inks. This solution is therefore softer, but just as effective.

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Comparison of laser or lactic acid tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal

  • Residues left in the body that will be removed over time.
  • Some colours remain on the skin.
  • A rather painful technique.
  • Requires several treatment sessions before actually removing the tattoo.

Laser-free tattoo removal with lactic acid

  • No chemical residue is left in the body.
  • All the pigments left by the tattoo will disappear.
  • Technique almost painless.
  • Shorter treatment duration.

The skinial method

It is a product to be applied without any hesitation. The solution used for the skinial method is based on lactic acid. This is a 100% natural laser-free technique. This new laser-free tattoo removal method, particularly suitable for permanent make-up tattooing, is efficient and fast. It will restore your skin to its old appearance, and free it from all these tattoos. Even if it is a cosmetic product manufactured in accordance with European standards and the strictest safety standards, this serum should only be used and applied by an experienced and trained professional. It could be a tattoo artist, a beautician, or an institute like CILS EXPERT STUDIO.

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