Laser Free Tattoo Removal

If for a very long time removing a tattoo was a real pain, there is now a non-medical technique that allows inks and pigments embedded in the skin to be removed much more quickly, without burning or pain.

What is the laser-free tattoo removal technique?

Indeed, the depigmentation removal method developed by the German company Skinial®, allows to remove permanent make-up, or a tattoo, without performing surgical ablation and without using a laser, which does not leave scars.

The principle of laser-free tattooing consists in introducing lactic acid in concentrated doses into the coloured surface of the tissues, which will then be driven out by the body naturally by taking the ink with it, which will be trapped in a crust that will then disappear from the treated area.

This substance is already present in the human body, and this de-tattooing liquid allows to find a perfectly healthy epidermis, a new skin, without burning, without blisters, without hair loss and for visible results from the first session.

The inconveniences and side effects of this cosmetic treatment, which is not a medicalized procedure, are therefore less numerous than with surgical excision, peeling or laser sessions, and after a few weeks of healing the tattooed area can even be covered with a new drawing.

Where can a laser-free tattoo removal?

To remove a tattoo, correct a dermopigmentation or erase a microblading without a laser, in Paris and in big cities like Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux, you can go to beauty centres that often also specialize in permanent make-up.

In the provinces, everywhere in France, you can make an appointment in a permanent make-up tattoo removal workshop, a beauty salon, a tattoo artist’s studio, or at any beautician who has certificates of competence for aesthetic micro-pigmentation, tattoo removal and depigmentation.

A first interview will evaluate the possibilities of applying the laser-free tattoo removal method according to the condition of your skin, the nature of the inks, the surface, and the possible allergic risks or contraindications for the patient. Need help to delete permanent makeup?

Need help to delete

permanent makeup?

CILS EXPERT STUDIO Tattoo Removal and Depigmentation welcomes you in Paris from Monday to Friday, make an appointment!

Who can perform a tattoo removal without a laser?

All professionals in the beauty and cosmetics sector as well as all persons who have obtained a specific certification, after a training course in hygiene and health, are authorized to perform tattooing without lasers.

From the tattoo removal training courses open to all are given all year round by Cils Expert® to allow you to learn the technique of tattooing. laser-free lactic acid tattooing while respecting regulations and good practices, to use the equipment properly, to set up an efficient organization and good maintenance of the premises, to manage administration and marketing.

Once you have your certificate of completion of laser-free tattoo removal training, you can start your own business, and become a manager of a workshop or shop to help your customers immediately remove tattoos, or erase and resume permanent eyebrow or lip makeup.

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