Eyebrow tattoo removal

A failed permanent or semi-permanent makeup? Are you starting to find the time to wait for your tattoo to go away? Do you want to recover your natural eyebrows and make them up according to your desires? CILS EXPERT STUDIO, an institute specialized in laser-free tattooing and depigmentation, offers you an effective solution to your problem.

Why remove his tattoo from the eyebrows?

Have you ever heard of natural and home made methods to remove your tattoos? Many people talk about using salt, aloe-vera, honey, sand, or lemon, but is it really effective and safe?

Since your skin is fragile, especially that of the face, so as not to regret it, the safest way is always to go through professionals to find out how to remove an eyebrow tattoo.

In addition to having the guarantee of being in the hands of experts, you would also be sure to find the effective solution to your problems. And even better, if before, getting a tattoo removed was painful and had to be done with a laser, today, know that there is a new method called Skinial. It is practiced by the greatest beauticians and professionals in the profession.

Discover the Skinial method

The Skinial method is a laser-free tattoo removal method. Its principle is based on the application of a lactic acid-based product on the skin to get rid of your permanent eyebrow make-up. This is a patented method, and only competent and trained people can perform it. Cils Expert Studio is one of these exceptional institutes.

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permanent makeup?

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Removing an eyebrow tattoo, how does it work?

The skinial method is a revolutionary method for tattoo removal. The product, which is a cosmetic device, acts directly on the skin by forcing the cells to shed their pigments. This method is less painful and much more respectful to the skin than laser. It is a natural, step-by-step elimination. At the end of the treatment session, your skin will reject the ink from your semi-permanent tattoo or make-up on its own, erase your microblading eyebrows, leaving a scab that will leave after about ten days.

The advantages of this method

This Skinial laser-free tattoo removal method adapts to any area to be treated, and is especially suitable for small tattoos, and therefore for permanent eyebrow make-up. So, to completely remove the permanent makeup on the surface of your skin, choose Skinial which guarantees you:

– Skin without any chemical residue: Skinial acts on small skin surfaces by effectively removing all tattoo ink colors, and without leaving any chemicals harmful to your health.

– Painless detattooing: Unlike lasers, skin tattooing is really bearable.

– A depigmentation without scarring: Once the treatment is done, your skin will look like new!

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