Delete a microblading of the eyebrows

Tired of your semi-permanent makeup? Indeed, having perfect eyebrows at all times is really very practical, but the need for change can quickly be felt, especially since the duration of the microblading eyebrows can go up to 2 years… To solve your problem, CILS EXPERT STUDIO offers you fast and efficient laser-free tattoo removal sessions.

Why erase your microblading eyebrows?

If you came across this article, it’s because you’re looking for ways to remove an eyebrow tattoo. But to help you take the plunge, a microblading eyebrow does not only have advantages. Here are 3 facts that may interest you:

– Don’t pull out your hair anymore: once your permanent make-up is done, removing the hair from your eyebrows may change its color.
– Over time, its color changes: surprised to find yourself with a color that has changed? Be aware that over time, the pigmentation of your permanent makeup may change, even if you have taken care to choose the one that best matches your natural color.
– You will have to do some touch-ups: to keep your eyebrows flawless, you will still have to do some touch-ups frequently, and at the same price!

Removing a microblading eyebrow, how does it work?

If a few years ago, getting a tattoo removed was not feasible, or if but only by laser, today, it is possible to get rid of it with the Skinial method!

As an expert in tattoo removal and depigmentation, CILS EXPERT STUDIO offers you sessions to erase your microblading eyebrows for a quick result!

To recover your natural eyebrows, our experts have a Skinial product (hence the name “Skinial method”), which will free your skin from inks, even deeply inlaid.

In how many sessions?

As with any tattoo removal, the number of sessions required for eyebrow detattooing will depend on the size of the area to be depigmented. Generally, permanent make-up leaves quite quickly, but if several sessions are to be scheduled, they should be spaced several weeks apart.

What is the result to be expected?

By trusting our professional institute, be sure to get results quickly. From the first sessions, you will be able to notice the evolution on your permanent tattoos. In addition to this, the Skinial method guarantees you a tattoo removal:

  • Almost painless,
  • No scarring,
  • Without damaging your hair,
  • No pollutants that get embedded in the skin,
  • Without any ink residue.

Examples of tattoo removal photos

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