How to Remove Eyebrow Tattoos?

You dreamed of having eyebrows as perfect as Kim Kardashian’s, and tired of having to redesign them every morning, so you opted for a semi-permanent or permanent colouring technique, but now you want to remove it.

Laser and surgery are not the only methods to permanently remove a tattoo, permanent makeup or microblading.

Because there is now a product to remove tattoos from eyebrows, or lips, that offers
a very interesting alternative to lasers, since it does not leave scars, it is totally harmless to health, the effects are visible more quickly and it is cheaper.

Indeed, the Skinial® tattoo removal solution, based on lactic acid, which is a natural physiological substance, is introduced into the epidermis and will eliminate the pigment molecule by forming a crust on the skin’s surface, which will fall off in a few days with the ink.

It is a painless method, which works with all colours, does not cause burns, hair loss, bleaching or other complications.

When should I have a tattoo removed from my eyebrows?

Microblading and permanent make-up on eyebrows can restructure them, create the illusion of new hair, and even completely reshape an eyebrow line.

But sometimes, the rendering of a micropigmentation does not correspond at all to what we expected from it, we have the impression that it is completely failed, and we do not want to keep it for years.

A permanent eyeliner make-up applied too low, whose line goes too far, or it goes too thin, or you end up with Egyptian-style eyebrows, either too wide or too dark, too thick or not symmetrical.

Or over time, the contours have faded and the colour has changed, the black has changed to red and the chestnuts to orange pink. It is then time to erase this microblading of the eyebrows that bothers you so much.

In this case, it is time to do a laser-free eyebrow tattoo removal, applying the method of putting a solution in the skin that dissolves the pigment and causes it to rise naturally.

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permanent makeup?

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How does a session to remove an eyebrow tattoo work?

During the first consultation with a professional capable of removing a laser-free eyebrow tattoo, many elements will have to be studied and analyzed to determine the ideal treatment: ink, size of the drawing or pattern, skin type, intolerances, allergies and all kinds of contraindications that can prevent the procedure.

Then, the eyebrows are cleaned and disinfected, the patient’s eyes are protected, and depigmentation is performed.

Eyebrow detattooing is fast, painless and done in just a few minutes.

Where can I get an eyebrow tattoo removed?

Aesthetic centres specialized in depigmentation and tattooing now exist in Paris, Marseille, Mulhouse, and most major provincial cities.

Many beauticians and professionals in dermography and cosmetics are also trained to remove eyebrow tattoos without lasers, whether they work in a beauty salon or institute, a tattoo studio or a beauty salon.

Cils Expert® offers training to learn how to remove a tattoo, and is also constantly looking for volunteers to become a tattoo removal model, do not hesitate to apply for a tailor-made therapy at unbeatable prices.

In any case, never try to remove your tattoo from your eyebrows yourself by rubbing with water and salt, or chemicals, you risk damaging the epidermis, creating lesions and infection, which will leave unsightly marks and marks on your face forever.

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