SKINIAL Laser-Free Method



The growing world of tattooing and permanent make-up has raised new issues and created a new market:

body removal and facial depigmentation.

How do you get rid of unsightly or unwanted pigmentation?

As a dermograph or tattoo artist, what tattooing technique can be offered to our customers disappointed or bored of their pigmentation  as an alternative to the laser technique which is not only reserved for doctors but which presents also many disadvantages?

Frédérique Mimran, creator of Cils Expert®, whose requirement in the selection of his partners is well known to professionals, chose our skinial’s patented method® for the reliability of its products, which  European Cosmetics standards and for the efficiency of its unique method practiced since 2011.

Skinial in numbers

  • since 2011
  • US Patent No. 14-851657
  • 2000 trained practitioners
  • present in more than 25 countries

lactic acid serum naturally present in human metabolism.

A patented method:

Using a dermography, after scratching the surface layer of the skin, the Skinial serum®

Lactic acid is deposited on the skin  and by  massage it will seep up to pigments and tattoo ink to be removed.

The macrophages that encased the pigment will be destroyed by the serum.

They will release pigments  that will then be recognized as    foreign bodies by the immune system and are released to the surface of the skin. The serum will be completely eliminated by the body

Quickly a crust will form containing the pigments.

It will be necessary to wait until the crust falls naturally after 10 to 15 days to see a new pink and depigmented skin. It will be necessary to be patient and protect the skin from the sun so that it regains its natural color after 8 to 12 months.

Who can do laser-free tattooing?

The training is open to tattoo or permanent makeup practitioners who have already validated their Hygiene and Safety training. It is necessary to take a step back from the phenomenon of skin healing in general to approach this method of depigmentation withoutlaser.

How many sessions are needed? 

The number of sessions will depend on the size of the tattoo to be removed. Each session should be spaced at least 2 months apart to allow time for the skin to regenerate well.

Is it effective?

yes. The patented Skinial® method should only be practiced by trained people, this guarantees the optimum use of the serum and the effectiveness of the protocol has been proven since 2011.

The client’s motivation will need to be assessed because each skin reacts differently depending on the client’s lifestyle, healing ability and compliance with the rules of care after the session.  (no friction, no sun, do not wet until the crusts fall off)

Why prefer the Skinial laser method?

Unlike the laser:

  • Skinial® acts on all pigment colors and tattoo inks including white and black pigments
  • No risk of burns
  • It is possible to treat very small areas for drawing corrections.
  • Skinial does not destroy hair
  • Less painful than the tattoo itself
  • No pigment residue in the body:

The laser breaks the tattoo ink into small particles that can sometimes not be eliminated by natural filters (lymphatic pathways) and end  up migrating to vital organs that can lead to problems up to cancer