Permanent Makeup Correction

Your permanent makeup has aged badly and is no longer suitable for you? Is the shape of your eyebrows unsightly? Your eyes have lost their naturalness? Our tattoo removal center in Paris has the right process for you!

Tattoo Removal

You are tired of your tattoo or you just don’t like it anymore? Do you regret the pattern or size of it? Cils Expert Studio can remove the tattoo you don’t like so much without a laser! So don’t wait any longer!

Tattoo Removal CenterParis

Cils Expert Studio, your tattoo removal center in Paris, offers you a new laser-free process to remove the tattoo that you don’t like so much!

Discover our three services without further delay:

Removal of eye make-up

Eyelashes or eyebrows, our center can remove your permanent makeup!

Removal of lip make-up

We restore your lips to their natural shape and colour!

Removal of tattoo on the body

We can remove any pattern using the Skinial method.


Tattoo removal Paris

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What is the tattoo removal ?

Tattooing has become increasingly popular in recent decades in France, Europe and around the world.

Stars of cinema, song, rock, football, tennis, modeling… many celebrities and all kinds of people proudly wear as tattoos a first name, a date, flowers, a dragon, a dolphin, a butterfly or a unicorn head, in their back, on their chest, their stomach, an arm, a buttock, in the neck or ankles.

Not to mention the permanent make-up, which of course also attracts more and more followers.

But the colours eventually change over the years, the lines start to run, or simply, you get tired of this pattern, and you have to remove it.

What is the


While for a very long time removing a tattoo was a real pain, there is now a non-medical technique that allows inks and pigments embedded in the skin to be removed much more quickly, without burning or pain.

Indeed, the depigmentation removal method developed by the German company Skinial®, allows to remove a tattoo, or permanent make-up, without performing surgical ablation and without using a laser, which does not leave scars.

The principle of laser-free tattooing consists in introducing lactic acid in concentrated doses into the coloured surface of the tissues, which will then be driven out by the body naturally by taking the ink with it, which will be trapped in a crust that will then disappear from the treated area.

Examples photos of détatouages

Expert Studio Lash Remover

Since 2001, Cils Expert Studio has specialized in make-up and dermopigmentation as well as depigmentation and tattoo removal of permanent make-up.

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